Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a passive practice involving variations of seated and supine poses held for 3-5 minutes each. A variation of props are used to help encourage the body to fully relax and release. The class is a calming and meditative practice that accesses and stretches deep layers of connective tissue in the body helping to increase flexibility of the joints and muscles quite like no other practice. It helps cultivate a deep inward focus of peace and tranquility through focus on the breath, and is designed to help you sit more comfortably, whether in meditation, work, or any other time.

Yin Yoga is open to all skill levels; is wonderful for those with chronic injuries; and is a great accompaniment for balancing active, power types of yoga, running, weight-lifting, or other active exercise. After a yin yoga session you may well feel as if you’ve just gotten a deep, relaxing massage. Non-heated (60 min)