Lisa Blount

Yoga Instructor
Lisa Blount

Lisa has been a dedicated health and fitness enthusiast for the majority of her life. With a devoted personal fitness routine which included a regimen of running, Pilates, and weight-lifting, Lisa yearned for more. After accidentally stumbling into a yoga class, a whole new world was discovered. The path of yoga. This discovery led to a consistent practice and opened many doors of opportunity.

At that time, membership at the local YMCA led to employment in group exercise and personal training with certifications through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).  This education and experience was further enhanced at Bodies by Cindy, Inc. As an avid participant of Kula yoga classes, Lisa was given an opportunity to complete a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) training program (Yoga Alliance).

Originally from Ft. Worth, TX, Lisa now considers herself a full-fledged Mobilian where life is measured by breath and not by minutes.

In her own words…“The virtues of YOGA have allowed me to find out who I really am and given me a greater understanding of life. This self-actualization has furthered my aspirations on a physical, mental, and spiritual level that I never would have imagined. This awakening provided the missing link in life that has helped calm the mind and alleviate the daily rigors that we all experience. Yoga has allowed me to grow as a person and make rewarding connections with family and has even helped shape remarkable friendships that may have never materialized otherwise. I feel the practice of yoga is just that…something one must practice in order to grasp life’s potential for blissfulness. Life is an ever-changing journey and I have found that yoga can provide the means to help quench our insatiable appetite for wisdom, love, devotion, sacrifice, knowledge and understanding.” – Namaste

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