Linda Csaszar

Yoga Instructor
Linda Csaszar

Linda Csaszar’s first exposure to yoga was in 2002 in Ft. Lauderdale. She was seeking an alternative to the high/low impact aerobic exercise she had done for decades. A hip injury, which became chronic and painful, prevented her involvement in these types of activities.

Linda did not really like her first yoga class, but after speaking with her now beloved yoga teacher Debbie Otto she gained some excellent advice – “You can’t judge something by one experience. You should come back and try again.” That advice was some of the best she ever received, and something she shares with her students to this day.

It was not long after that point when Linda realized that yoga is so much more than a physical practice, but ultimately is the realization of self-discovery and self-development, a true spiritual side to this ancient practice. It has become a vehicle to realign and rebalance the body on a regular basis. This connection truly encompasses mind, body and spirit. Through the breath (one of the eight limbs of yoga) we can quiet the mind, calm the nervous system, and relax the body – this allows us to be more open to our spiritual self.

Linda began teaching in Mobile in 2009. Her classes will help connect the student with their inner teacher and learn more about themselves. In her Vinyasa flow style class with Iyengar influence she strives to explore asanas that challenge, enlighten, and bring joyful fun to her students’ practice, and also focuses on proper alignment and makes sure her students are safe. Linda’s love and passion for learning has inspired her to complete her RYT 200 hour training, and she also continually takes workshops to learn more about yoga.

Linda believes that yoga helps us to escape the hectic stressful world. Yoga is a gift we give ourselves. This practice helps us to live in the present moment, in a continuous state of gratitude, where we become more conscious of our blessing which ultimately helps us to live a more joyful life!