Adrienne Berg

Yoga Instructor
Adrienne Berg

Adrienne first came to yoga as a teenager seeking relief from pain and anxiety caused by spinal misalignment due to scoliosis.  After wearing a brace for two years, her breath was shallow, and some postural muscles had atrophied while others “hardened” into bad muscular and myofascial habits.  She felt physically and emotionally imbalanced.  When her orthopedist told her that surgery would likely be needed to keep the scoliosis from progressing as she aged, she began searching for alternatives.  By 1993 she began the practice of hatha yoga in her living room.  Without the traditional teacher or class setting, the high schooler began teaching herself with a book (Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga) that outlined a simple progressive sequence of asanas and breath work, along with daily yoga philosophy study.  This became a powerful experience for her, learning to trust her own body’s inner wisdom, realigning center despite physical misalignments.  Yoga asana became a moving meditation, improved the mobility of her spine and taught her how to breath into the once restricted areas of her ribcage and lungs.  Other important works that furthered Adrienne’s early yoga studies included, Swami Vishnudevananda’s The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga (1960), Mary Pullig Schatz, M.D. Back Care Basics: A Doctor’s Gentle Yoga Program for Back and Neck Pain Relief (1992), and T.K.V Desikachar’s The Heart of Yoga (1999).  It wasn’t until later in her college career that Adrienne considered teaching yoga.  Asked to join the University of South Alabama’s SouthFit Program, she began leading group yoga classes in 2003.  During this time, Adrienne was also asked to begin giving Pilates mat classes, taught up to nine classes a week, and worked as SouthFit’s interim Fitness Director. In 2005 Adrienne began teaching for Synergy Yoga and Pilates in Mobile, Al.  She furthered her yoga training in workshops with Ginger Laden Braun, Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller and LeeAnn Carey’s Restorative workshops through her Yapana Yoga Training program.

While practicing and teaching yoga, Adrienne also began exploring the postural realignment and healing movement of Pilates. Finding this mind-body discipline paired beautifully with her yoga practice, she discovered even further applications for scoliosis therapy.  This spurred her on to complete Mat Certification through BASI and then Comprehensive Apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, and Barrels) Teacher training through Balanced Body University.  Encouraged by her desire to bring healing movement to others, she opened her own small studio, Mauna Kai Pilates and Yoga in 2013, where she continues to teach privates and semi-private classes.

Adrienne has over 3,300 hours of teaching experience.  Her next Yoga training goal is to complete the Wild Yoga training through Balanced Rock Yoga in Yosemite National Park, and to apprentice with Lolita San Miguel (one of Joseph Pilates’ last surviving First generation Pilates teachers) to become a Master of Pilates trainer. Closer to home, Adrienne seeks to partner with physical therapists, massage therapists, and orthopedists in creating a movement therapy program for Scoliosis. Adrienne is a compassionate instructor, encourager and teammate for her students.  She is passionate about the mind, body, spirit connection and wants her students to experience their own inner wisdom and movement that heals.

Adrienne, a native Mobilian, is a former Azalea Trail Maid, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology from the University of South Alabama, plays the Celtic Harp, is an avid Nature lover, hiker and Argentine Tango and Ballroom dancer.