• Bring to class:

    A yoga mat, large towel or Yogitoes and water. These items are available for rent or purchase at the studio.

  • Refrain from eating at least 2 hours prior to class

    Hydrate throughout the day and following your practice.

  • Avoid wearing perfumes or lotions

    As some people are very sensitive to strong smells.

  • Arrive to studio 15 minutes before class starts

    Allow time to sign in and set up your practice space. Doors will be locked 3 minutes before class starts.

  • Sign in at the front desk

    When you arrive to the studio. Inform the instructor if you are pregnant, injured, or have any special needs so that we can give you the modifications needed for a safe practice.

  • Cell phones

    Should be turned off or silenced while in the studio. The yoga room is a cell phone and Apple Watch free environment, please leave all devices outside the yoga room!.  (only exception is for on-call Doctors)

  • Leave your belongings

    In the bathrooms or lobby cubbies. Doors are locked before class. No shoes, socks, bags, keys, cell phones, or purses will be allowed in the yoga room.

  • Remove shoes and chewing gum before entering the yoga room.

    Neither is permitted in the yoga room at anytime.

  • Ask questions before and after class

    The instructors are honored to assist you with your practice. However, during class please refrain from talking.

  • Practice silence in the yoga room

    Please be silent when you enter the yoga room. We want to maintain a peaceful space honoring silence before, during and after practice. This will allow you to set your intention, practice mindfulness and integrate the depth of your practice. This quiet stillness is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other and ourselves. Many students arrive early and stay after for quiet mediation. Thank you for honoring this sacred space.

  • Try to stay in the yoga room for the entire class

    With heated classes, it is common to occasionally feel light headed, nauseous and dizzy no matter your level of experience. Breathe, hydrate, rest and lay down if needed.

  • Please return rented items

    Mats, Yogitoes and towels should be placed in designated hampers located in the bathrooms

  • Shower times

    Should be kept to a minimum so others may use them.

  • Studio will open

    30 minutes before and close 30 minutes after classes.

  • Age limits

    We welcome any student age 16 and older to our heated classes. Students 12 and older are welcome in the non-heated classes. We began Kids Krewe Yoga in spring of 2016 which is currently available to ages 6-11. All students under the age of 18 must have a signed parental/legal guardian consent form signed prior to first class.

  • Practice with care and consideration

    For yourself and others and ALWAYS modify in postures as you need. Respect your limits by listening to your body and allowing the breath to lead you deeper into the postures rather than your ambition and mind.