What is Yoga? There is no one answer to this question. Whatever search has led you to yoga is an invitation for you to define what Yoga is to you, however, yoga is often referred to as “integration, yoke, wholeness”, it is the only health system that combines, mind, body and spirit to work in unison.

  • My mind is always racing and I cannot sleep. Bringing awareness into your breath and how the body moves will slow down your thoughts and focus your mind. The more you practice, the more the mind will calm and sleep will come more easily.
  • I live with stress which causes tension in my neck, shoulders and back. The physical practice of yoga will help move tension in your body and realign your posture to relieve chronic pain. A regular practice done with proper alignment and attention will decrease your stress and physical discomfort.
  • I am lacking a deeper meaning in my life. Yoga will bring a new life force of energy into your life. We manifest the thoughts in our mind. It is truly an amazing ability! If we are full of negative and reactive thoughts and emotions, that negativity will taint the lens we see the world through. As we move above and beyond the physical form in the yoga practice, an abundance of love, gratitude, respect and connection to all beings flows inward. Yoga heals past injury and pain and helps you once again see your potential in this life.

Don’t over think it about what class you should start with or try to answer all the questions you have at once. Show up to a class and begin your practice today! Move slowly and at your own pace. Watch others. Settle into the practice first and then start asking questions before and after class. Through the practice you will come to understand what yoga is.

A few things to know: Bring a mat, large towel and water; we do offer these items for rent and purchase in the studio. Arrive 15-30 minutes before the start of class. Sign in at the front desk. You are welcome to ask the instructor any questions before or after class. You leave all your personal belongings including your shoes and socks outside of the yoga room in the lobby or bathroom cubbies, the studio is locked during class. We practice complete silence in the yoga room, and as you wait on class to start, it is customary to lay on your back or seated in a comfortable position to start your conscious breathing and meditation.

What to expect: The yoga will be challenging so listen to your body. Never be afraid to take a knee or lay down if needed. It is normal to feel dizzy, nauseated or lightheaded at times; this is true of even the most seasoned practitioner. These feelings are temporary but always respect what your body is telling you. There is no reason to be self conscious, nobody will be staring at you or judging you. The instructors will always guide you with compassion and respect. It is best to take your second class within 24 hours.

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Please do not get overwhelmed! To quote Shoshana, “We call it going to yoga practice, we don’t call it going to yoga perfect, it’s not about touching your toes, it’s what you learn on the way down.” Accept where you are, we all had to start somewhere, have patience, let go of the outcome, trust in  yourself, and most important of all……..HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!!