Kristin Van’t Hoff Strange

Yoga Instructor
Kristin Van’t Hoff Strange

Teaching Kids Krewe Yoga and Hot Pilates at Above and Beyond has given Kristin “a sense of accomplishment I was missing in my life,” she says.

A native of south Mobile County, Kristin was a cheerleader at Alma Bryant High School, where she also served as an Azalea Trail Maid. She attended the University of Alabama before marrying Hunter Strange. Kristin has always been interested in fitness and wellness. She enjoyed working with kids as a competitive cheerleading coach, which made Kids Yoga a natural fit for her. She attended teacher training in Miami last April with Shoshana and Krissy and has been teaching the class on Wednesday afternoons since last summer. She loves teaching kids and watching them grow, she said. “I feel comfortable with them. I can act silly, and they think I’m awesome.” After attending Inferno Hot Pilates training in Charlotte last fall, she has been teaching two classes a week since November. She describes it as a “boot camp-type” class that confuses the body and tricks the brain, boosting human growth hormone by 450 percent. The class is a great way to “become more in tune with your body,” she said.

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